Why eLearning?

Sorainen offers a great opportunity to gain basic legal knowledge which may be applied in the daily business of companies operating in different business sectors. We are among the first ones in the Baltic market to introduce an eLearning tool for users without a background in law or a specific field of law.

Starting with courses on competition law and data protection for the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian markets, we are planning to launch courses for the Belarusian market, as well as offering courses in other fields of law.

Why you should love it?

The eLearning platform offers the advantage of flexibility: users can take the course individually at their own convenience, as well as re-taking the test (if any) several times in order to reach the desired result. It will take two to three hours to complete the course, although there is possibility to take breaks and finish the course at greater leisure.

The platform provides an opportunity to address questions to lecturers and receive answers either by e-mail or during individual training or in some other suitable form. You can register for the course and receive additional information by contacting the lecturer.